100 Years since the Russian Revolution: Putin and the Lingering Shadow of Communism

Source: Gordon McBane

Exactly one hundred years ago, the seizing of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg marked the beginning of the end of the Tsarist Empire. The Soviet Union was built on the ruins of civil war, and with it emerged a political system that costs the lives of an estimated 100 million people worldwide: Communism. Gordon McBane on Russia’s understanding of history under Vladimir Putin and the conclusions to be drawn by its European neighbours.Continue reading →

The USA turning into the USSR 2.0

With the move of Stephen Bannon and associates of the likes into the National Security Council US President Trump planted the seed to grow his personal regime within the US house of commons. The question remains, if democratic institutions in the US can withstand Trumps latest political movements laced with elective monarchy and personal favouritism or if political expertise will hold the upper hand in American foreign politics.Continue reading →

“America First!” Means “Heads Up!” for the European Union

The European Union will face new challenges due to the plans of the Trump administration for the upcoming presidential term. They will call for a united stance on issues concerning geopolitical relations, security, trade and especially climate change. Daniel Gulda’s analysis evaluates what Europe has to expect from Trump’s most important cabinet members. Continue reading →